Information Security Analyst

Department / Function: Technology ~ Technology

Location: Manchester


The Information security analyst, is a member of the Information security operations team and works closely with the other members of the Information security team in support of a comprehensive Information security program. This role is an entry level analyst that is responsible for monitoring various Information security appliances to identify events that require escalated analysis. 

Duties typically include planning and implementing security measures to protect computer systems, networks and data. Information security analysts are expected to stay up-to-date on the latest intelligence, including hackers’ methodologies, to anticipate security breaches. They also are responsible for preventing data loss and service interruptions by researching new technologies that will effectively protect a network.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Creating, testing and implementing network disaster recovery plans
  • Performing risk assessments and testing of data processing systems
  • Installing firewalls, data encryption and other security measures
  • Recommending security enhancements and purchases
  • Training staff on network and information security procedures


  • Security+ or higher certification
  • Associate’s degree in Information Systems or equivalent in relevant discipline preferred

Required Experience:

  • Hands on experience configuring and working with InformationTechnology Systems is preferred. 
  • Excellent problem-solving skills, ability to triage and resolve critical technical issues. 
  • Technical knowledge of mainstream operating systems and a wide range of security technologies, such as network security appliances, anti-malware solutions, automatedpolicy compliance tools, and desktop security tools is preferred. 
  • Fundamental knowledge of network traffic alerts to assess, prioritize and differentiate between potential intrusion attempts and false alarms. 
  • Knowledge and understanding of current Information threats.